(4) Agatha tries to block Ivette's number by hacking her, But soon learns that hacks sends to King Hacker; Declan gets an F on his math skills and tries to improve by his brother, Danny.

(5) Odalys and Verity secretly goes to the Altamonte Mall and the Dolphin Mall for the night. Meanwhile, Odile and Vicky goes to West Oaks Mall; Ned pretends to get an A and makes Nicholas and Nathan Sr. get a D, But soon gets busted by Astor.

(6) Rick, Verity, Porter and Nataniel teach Torin how to be a hurricane but Vicky, Pablo and Norbert distract him; Giorgio and Vernon accidentally destroy one of Lili's blocks, So they try to fix it before Lili and Ms. Maria get back.

(7) After a sequel to the episode, King Hacker gets his revenge by selling hack cats but disappears after selling; Nestor, Porter and Wallie get babysat by Ms. Honeybottoms and distract her every move.

(8 and 9) Trickster Tahila pranks Trudy which leads to break her nose, Tahila complesates her so she can heal; Van accidentally steals Tobias' category which leads him to become a hypercane, Arthur, Gonzalo, Verity, Odile, Odalys and Seymour try to spit the category but fail. They instead had to do Category Surgery.

(10) After a horrible haircut, Pilar suffers goolamponismustachiosarry disease, So Larry decides to do Coke + Mentos on his mustache; After Ned makes his 4th quarter grade, Ms. Maria buys him COMPLETELY 10 things.

(11) Benito, Immanuel, Verity, Horace, Nataniel, Porter, Maria, Ophelia, Torin, Wallie, Larry, Lawrence and Levi go out with Ms. Maria for the night while Bryce, Igor, Vicky, Henri, Norbert, Pablo, Miranda, Omelda, Tanya, Wendy and everyone else get babysat; Horace and Verity prank Herbert and Vicky