The first group is Arlene and Alyssa. Alyssa's power though is more stronger and fiery then Arlene's. Alyssa's power is speed, strength and electric, Alyssa has 95% of acceleration. Arlene does not have speed though she has strength, water, ice and electric, In the episode True Take But Loose Day, Arlene died through the incident that Cagney Carnation did like electro-magma, In the middle of the episode Dudes' Day Off, Cagney Carnation was caught and fertilized.

Bret and Ben Edit

The second group is Bret and Ben. Ben has lots of fierce and acceleration. After the episode O' Percy, Ben lost 15% of acceleration by vomiting after Ophelia and Percy kissed. Bret kept his acceleration but he ran away. Bret has 85% acceleration, His strength and speed has caused him to be Hero of the Month x3. Bret was going to go steady with Bertha, But in the episode Cause or Dare?!. Bret saw that Bertha was going out with Horace. Also, Bret is next week's hurricane.

Don and Darren Edit

The 3rd group (used to be 4th) is Don and Darren, Don is more fierce and strong than Darren, Darren has been kidnapped at least twice or more,